10 Years Strong!
XTC Tattoo Studio is Celebrating 10 Years of Proudly Serving Mid Michigan and the Greater Flint Area

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XTC Tattoo Studio
3606 Davison Rd. Flint, MI 48506

Ph# (810) 743-1242

Welcome to XTC Tattoo Studio
Professional Tattooing in a Clean and Friendly Environment

XTC Tattoo Studio is more than just in business to make money, monetary gain is definately a key element in the longevity of any business, but we have not stayed in business for over 10 Years simply on the merits of financial gain...XTC Tattoo Studio's artists and piercers are highly skilled and professional, as well as being friendly. There are many customers that walked through the door a complete stranger, but over the years they have become close friends with our staff. Come in for a visit and see why our clients keep coming back again and again.

XTC Tattoo Studio - Storefront

XTC Tattoo Studio - Inside

XTC Thanks Flint for Over 10 Great Years!

Through the years we have had customers from all walks of life, the diversity of our artists has opened us up to a vast and expansive client base. We have worked on people in the Medical field, the Military, the Police force, as well as Musicians Local and Signed. Our studio is not setup like an assembly line or beauty salon, our building was specifically designed for tattooing, our chairs are not all in one room where clients and artists are cramped right next to eachother, Each artist and piercer has a semi-private room of their own, Our clients appreciate that if they would like to talk with friends or other clients getting work done, the rooms are open enough to allow, but if they would like more privacy, the rooms are enclosed enough to allow that too.

“In the 10+ Years that we have been in business, we've never even had to think about closing our doors due to financial woes. I think that this fact alone shows how our clients feel about our quality of work. Especially when so many tattoo studios in Michigan come and go every year!”
-B.C. Smith - Tattooist @ XTC